Are you struggling with keeping track of your clients, suppliers or even memberships (whether personal or professional)? Make use of this unique service offer. I can remotely set up these databases. You can share the information with me via email, dropbox or any other FTP and I will collate the information and send this back to you or manage it on a continuous basis. 

What is the cost of a lost membership? At least R200 – R400 per month? What Virtual 24-7 can offer is at least 6 calls per hour to make sure that you don’t loose this valuable member or you don’t pay the penalty of not paying your own memberships on time.

At R300 per hour – you can save at least R900 by making use of my services.

Do you to have a big pile of invoices at the end of the month and every month you have to struggle to get these together and submitted?  At Virtual 24-7 I can assist you in putting these together clearly for any accountant. This can be done on a monthly basis at times that are suitable for both you and your accountant. Accountants can charge a fee of R500 per hour. A late submittance to SARS is even more expensive with the penalty fee.

Virtual 24-7 can make sure that all the documents are put in the correct format for your accountants to easily submit and process for R300 per hour. And remember – your time is not for free.