You constantly create documents, proposals, and all sorts of communication. But with writing we all know that once you’ve read through your work over and over again – it becomes fairly easy not to spot the various mistakes (grammar or spelling).  Or when you have to write about topics that have so much information and you have to spend hours researching these; referring to different sources or links. This can take up a lot of your time and distract you from your daily tasks.

The cost of producing quality documents has become increasingly expensive. If you take into account time spent on producing a leaflet or brochure of for example 5 pages – you’re looking at spending at least 5 – 10 hours writing and putting in the correct format for printers. Depending on the size of the brochure – printing can also cost you an additional R300 – R1,000.

Now ask yourself: “what would the cost (or actually loss) be if there’s even just one spelling or grammar mistake”? You are looking at a loss of at least R2,000 if you’ve gone for the maximum printing of 1,000 prints (and remember your time is not free).

This is where my services comes in handy – you give me your document and I proofread this for you @ only R300 per hour or you provide me with the information you have and I research and download the different documents for you in one folder or document.