Virtual 24-7 Resources

On this page I'd like to share some of the useful tips and tools I've learned from being a Virtual Assistant.

After receiving several requests and phone calls from potential VA’s, I’ve decided to write a guidance of 10 easy steps in setting up your own VA business in South Africa. If you are not sure how to become a VA or where to start you can purchase this guidance for only R500.

This website is an excellent tool to use if you must find out contact details for people. It allows you to put in the first name, surname and company URL and then they do the background research using various sites and confirm the email address for you. There are some that you cannot verify, but about 90% of the time it is spot on!


This association is a great resource for any VA to join as they have various benefits and the process is very easy. You subscribe online, supply them with your logo and services and they list you on their site. They advertise their VA’s regularly on their LinkedIn page and will send you any and all new RFP’s via email.